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District Projects  

  1. Recreational Park Development
  2. Pollution Abatement - 201 Plans and Update Plans
  3. Drinking Water Supply Studies
  4. Water Resource Studies
  5. Solid Waste Evaluations
  6. Natural Resource Conservation Fund Projects
  7. Stormwater Management Plans
  8. Geographic Information Systems
  9. Recreational Trails Program Projects
  10. Land and Water Conservation Fund Projects 

Flood Control Projects with the US Army Corps of Engineers
A.   Projects Constructed

  1. Highway 25/Lakeland Drive Project - August, 1982
  2. Pearl River Clearing - South Jackson - March, 1985
  3. The District is responsible for maintaining the Lakeland Drive (Highway 25) Project and the  South Jackson Clearing Project to prevent the regrowth of willows and other woody vegetation that may restrict flood waters within the Pearl River flood way.

B.   Shoccoe Dry Dam

  1. Identified by Corps of Engineers as the most comprehensive flood control project - October, 1984
  2. President Reagan signed 1986 Water Resources Development Act which included authorization for the Shoccoe Dry Dam - November, 1986   
  3. The Mississippi House of Representatives defeated a bill authorizing the District to serve as the local sponsor for Shoccoe - February, 1987

C.   Pearl River Flood Control Study

  1. In April, 1988 the Pearl River Basin Development District asked the Corps of Engineers to initiate alternative flood control studies.  The Corps received authorization and funding in February, 1989 to begin the new flood control study.  Federal funds were used for the Reconnaissance Study which was completed in June, 1990.
  2. The District agreed to serve as local sponsor for the Feasibility Flood Control Study for the Jackson/Metropolitan area.  The Feasibility Study  took 4˝ years to complete and cost $3 million.  The District provided one-half of this amount in cash  and in-kind contributions.  A Feasibility Cost-Sharing Agreement was signed in September, 1991 and feasibility studies were initiated in October, 1991.
  3. The Pearl River Feasibility Flood Control Study was completed by the Corps of Engineers in February 1996.  The Corps recommended the construction of twenty-one (21) miles of new levees at a cost of $122,000,000.  The local sponsor would be required to provide $38,000,000 for the acquisition of land, easements, rights-of-way, relocations and disposal areas.
  4. Legislation enabling the Pearl River Basin Development District to serve as the local sponsor for the Flood Control Project was defeated in the 1995 and 1996 sessions of the Mississippi Legislature.

D.   Two Lakes Flood Control Plan

  1. In April 1999, the District’s Flood Control Advisory Committee recommended that an evaluation be completed for the Two Lakes Flood Control Plan. Twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) was approved by the District to determine if the plan would provide flood control benefits to the Hinds/Rankin County area without adversely impacting residents downstream.
  2. The evaluation was completed in November 1999 by an engineering firm from Greenbelt, Maryland - Greenhorne and O’Mara, Inc. The evaluation of the Two Lakes Plan revealed that;
      • Flood stages could be reduced along the Pearl River in Hinds and Rankin Counties.
      • The proposed lakes would have minor impacts south of Jackson.
      • The Project would not significantly affect bank stability or caving. Downstream effects would be negligible because the lakes do not affect flow hydrographs as they pass through the Jackson area.
      • The proposed lakes would have a normal pool significantly higher than existing conditions.  This will affect the long term integrity of the Ross Barnett Reservoir Dam and change the performance of the outlets.  Some protective retrofit measures would be required before long term inundation could take place. 

E.  LeFleur Lakes Flood Control Project  

  1. The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Rankin Hinds Pearl River Flood and Drainage Control District agreed to initiate a 3 year, $2.8 million feasibility study that will be limited to updating the cost of the 1996 levee plan and a complete analysis of the LeFleur Lakes Plan.
  2. In October 2003, the District approved a request from the Hinds County Board of Supervisors asking for $200,000 to be used for the LeFleur Lakes Flood Control Project.

Restoration and Streambank Protection Projects with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers

A.    Lower Pearl River Restoration Project
Project restored low water flows to an 18 mile section of the Pearl River near Walkiah Bluff in Pearl River County.  The Pearl River in Pearl River County and Hancock County is the state boundary between Mississippi and Louisiana.
B.    Section 14 Emergency Streambank Protection Projects

  1. Jourdan River, Texas Flat Road, Hancock County
  2. Parker Bayou, Pearl River County
  3. Dillon’s Bridge Road, Walthall County

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